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Cool Ceiling Lighting, AURA Rattan Lamps with Efficient LED Light

ceiling lighting lamps
Need for cool ceiling lighting ideas? This post show you the most cool lighting inspiration for your homes. AURA lamp, cool ceiling lighting made from woven rattan. This is a LED lighting that highly energy efficient. Strands of rattan replaced by flexible strip LED light during the process of weaving, their work directly to the structure of the object. AURA ceiling lighting lamp is the result of the joint work of French designers Beatrice Durandard Océane Delain. These ceiling lighting lamps can be used as a tool wall or hanging from the ceiling. surface is decorated with luminous tape consists of a few places of light. (more…)

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Amazing, Brilliant Lighting of Wall and Ceiling Lamps from Axolights

Amazing, Brilliant Lighting of Wall and Ceiling Lamps. This is really brilliant lamps which comes in various color collection orange, red, fuchsia, pink, white, yellow, green, violet, dark blue, light blue and multicolor. This lamps can be placed in the ceiling, or wall. This very beautiful lighting fixtures system which bring new atmosphere of your home. (more…)