Minimalist cat shelter for your cats, modern housing solution for you and your pet

If you have a cat, you need a certain number of pet furniture. It is always difficult to find something stylish to your living room to integrate. The cat shelter can provide a safe environment until the pet is found by the owner or until it is placed in another home or organization. Some shelters, animals to care for the rest of their lives without looking for someone to get them in their home. Design binq Bloq proposed, a modern housing solution for you and your pet. With a minimalist cube design, the Bloc is a high quality piece you can use anywhere in your home. It is perfect as a side table in the living room and a nightstand in your bedroom. It can be customized by choosing from three glossy finish and 13 trendy colorful pillows made ??of a special customized materials for your pet. Your precious kitty will enjoy lounging by your side in this beautiful refuge. It gives a pet a chance to feel comfortable in his own house. It is really stylish, minimalist and simple, but everything is genius simple.Sometimes abused pets requiring special care are placed in such shelters. But unfortunately most of the animals that can not be placed in another house slain.

Minimalist cat shelter
Minimalist cat shelter,

Minimalist cat shelter  1
Minimalist cat shelter 1,

Minimalist cat shelter  2
Minimalist cat shelter 2,

Minimalist cat shelter  3
Minimalist cat shelter 3,

Minimalist cat shelter  4
Minimalist cat shelter 4,

Minimalist cat shelter  5
Minimalist cat shelter 5,

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