John Lewis Lighting, Unique Christal Lamps for Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

john lewis lightingJohn Lewis lighting designs present in unique shapes, one of a kind glass art and art glass lighting for indoor and outdoor. John Lewis lighting crystal chandelier is definitely a feature fixture for the home. The Dance globe-shape chandelier from John Lewis is a spherical light composed of crystal and chrome. John Lewis lighting crystal chandelier has 24 lamps arranged around its core that are enveloped in crystal to create a dazzling display of light. The branchlike nature of these John Lewis lighting crystals creates an aesthetic that calls to mind a beautiful stylized snowflake. These fun crystals and funky chrome combine to produce a whimsical and playful fixture that is also quite elegant. This post show other type of John Lewis lighting, most of them are glass lighting. John Lewis lighting are suitable for outdoor and indoor lighting.
john lewis lighting designjohn lewis pendant lighting
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    outdoor lightings should be energy efficient, that is why we should use compact flurescent lamps or sodium vapor lamps-~:

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    outdoor lightings that are weatherproof would be the best thing to install outside the house .~”

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