How to get Stylish and Elegant Small Bathroom?

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Small bathroom can be remodel to look stylish and elegant with the right design and fixtures. Color choice is key in a small space. Bright, lively colors will help the room feel more open and cheery while enhancing the natural light. Darker colors on walls and in tile make the room feel more cozy, but closed in. You can also add the clear glass shower doors and surrounds to make the bathroom feel larger, there is no blockage of the walls so the room feels bigger.
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Updating fixtures such as vanities and tub/showers can be more on the expensive side, but if you own your home and wish to make a small bathroom look much bigger there are great new fixtures designed especially for small bathrooms that can greatly improve the look and feel of your small space. Keeping the lines crisp and the colors bright will open up a small bathroom with very little cost. If you need a hot soak in a tub, there are new corner units that give you the luxury of a bubble bath without taking up most of the space in your small bathroom. Vanities need to offer storage but in a clever way for a small space. Wall mounted vanities can offer lots of storage while saving floor space. Take a look at some of the following small bathroom pictures to see the differences in space management and color choice.

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    its a challenge to get all luxuries within ur small bathroom..but modern bathroom makers make it possible..really nice pics…every third person is needy of this…Thanks for such a nice postng….

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